“Weeds” Renée Victor, as Nancy’s maid, is the best lippy servant since Rosario on “Will & Grace”
Terry Morrow
Scripps Howard News Service.

Lastly and bestly there’s ‘Lupita’ (Renée Victor) the Botwin’s housekeeper (“I’m nobody’s maid”) who delivers some of the funniest lines on television in the last 10 years.  And I mean that!  (She later wrote): Thank God Lupita (Renée Victor) – who had the best line in all of television last season (the one about the coffee table) – is back, and by episode two, she’s had two more potentially best lines.  The woman’s a comic genius and I love her so.
Linda Stasi
New York Post

Renée Victor a tiny, joyous, enchanting performer gives Grandmother Marta enough fizz for a magnum of champagne and has a special beauty appropriate to a play that takes place largely in the faded colors of the past.  She is also an accomplished dancer, which she puts to good use here and costumer Victoria Petrovich gives her a leafy dancing dress in gauze and gold for her after life.
Judith Green
San Jose Mercury News

Renée Victor gives Marta Grande an amazing amalgam of warmth, humor, strength and sexiness. (On her repeat performance of “My Visits With MGM” at Milwaukee Repertory Theater.)
Damien Jacques
The Journal (Milwaukee)

Victor’s performance is a highlight.  With a surprised naïveté Victor plays Dolores as a Hispanic version of Edith Bunker.” (“Our Lady of The Tortilla” at the Phoenix Theater)
Julie Amparano
Arizona Republic

They do shots of tequila with Jesse’s feisty grandmother (Renée Victor). The only reason this banal footage has any entertainment value is because of the two actors. Their energy together feels unselfconscious; it doesn’t feel like acting.
Roger Ebert

And then we’re introduced to grandma — abuelita! Only this Mexican grandma is sassy, and sexy and spunky, and she speaks English AND Spanish, and the role is played effortlessly and delightfully by the one-and-only, Ms. Renée Victor (Weeds).
Dyana Ortelli
Latin Heat Entertainment

Renée Victor has a breakout performance in the film as Jesse’s grandmother, adding levity to the film and grounding the character with her parental authority.
Found Footage Critic
Online Review Specialty Site

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention Renee Victor as Jesse’s superstitious, Spanish-speaking Grandma.   While she doesn’t utter a word of English, her performance is pitch perfect and she conveys everything the audience needs to know without the need for translation and it is nice to see her show up in such an interesting and rewarding part.
The Lightening Bug’s Lair
Online Genre Film Reviews


“What’s it like not only delivering the best line in the show, but one that’s become a TV classic?”  Asked by co-star Kevin Nealon, referring to her classic “coffeetable” “Weeds” line.
Kevin Nealon
“Weeds” Co-star

We have a wonderful performance from Renée, whose portrayal of “Mommie” is one of those magical moments when actress and character fuse absolutely.  She deftly balances the humor and drama in an astonishing tour de force.  Renée unleashes a colorful, quirky persona that tickles the funny bone of anyone who recalls a grandmother steeped in cultural rites and practices white magic behind closed doors.   Renée not only steals the show, but steals your heart.
Frank Aragon
Director, “Hollywood Familia”

Without Renée’s magnificent performance in my first film, “Libertad,” it would not have received the accolades that it did. Her portrayal of Libertad, a strong, independent woman tempered with tenderness, personified how the Mexican female spirit survived in a man’s world. Her presence filled the screen and the hearts of all those fortunate enough to witness how effortlessly she moved them from laughter to tears to triumph.
Director Miguel Najera


Renée Victor is a rare talent who has trained many celebrities – she is a consummate professional teacher, dancer and musician whose footwork and musical expression takes your breath away! Anyone who has ever seen her dance remembers her – dancing with her is the stuff of dreams! All the top Salsa and Latin dancers say she’s simply the best!

You cannot get anyone better. Renée is mighty!

Renée has choreographed several films for me. I cannot say enough about her skill, as she had me dancing Swing and Salsa – even though I am not a dancer! Many consider her the best on either coast. I’d recommend her any time.

I’ve worked with Renée as both student and partner. Her knowledge and imagination are a treasure to behold.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Renée on many projects as singer, choreographer, and historian. I look forward to more.
Artistic Director/Choreographer “Folies Bergere” Paris/Las Vegas

On my first lesson, Renée had me dancing on “2” while I played the clave! You’ll learn technique, style, syncopation and improvisation. She never ceases to inspire me ‘cause she Is the real deal!

If it has a Latin beat, Renée Victor can teach you to dance it. So check out the lady with the best legs this side of Salsa Boulevard.
Actor/Coach “The Scarlet Pimpernel”

Renée has choreographed two films I was in. From the first I was hooked. As a fine actress, she is an invaluable gift on any set. She’s a powerhouse, an original – pure grace with attitude to burn!

Renée is an artist of depth, sophistication and soul. Whether delivering a line of dialogue or executing an improvised flourish of footwork on the dance floor, her timing is sublime. As a teacher she is accessible, and articulate. As a performer she teaches by doing! She is an inspiration and a pure pleasure to work with.
Dancer/Choreographer/Movement Instructor

The first time I saw Renée dance she was with Orlando Paiva, the Tango guru.  The look on his face was sublime. But when she danced with her Salsa partner, she brought the house down! It was magic! When I hear the song “Mujer Divina”, I think it must have been written for her.

In “Fear of Dancing”. Renée Victor was to me like a second director. She blocks a dance scene for the camera like no other choreographer I know.

Renée Victor is the best dancer I have ever danced with. Dancing with her will change the color of your hair!
International Percussionist